Happily Ensconced

After an epic moving weekend, we have now had nearly two whole weeks in our new house. Moving was a mission with rain and unexpected amounts of stuff to move – including my container garden. Simon, Nick, Jonno, Ed, Jane and I were legendary. The peak moment for me was following my native shelter-belt container garden up Madras st with it attempting to attenuate the breeze in Simon’s trailer. Low point was moving the piano – ugh.

Jane got her gear moved in on the same day. All in all, our stuff seemed to fill both the house and the (double) garage. We’ve made some progress since then, somehow disappearing box after box of items into the house.There remain, however at least thirty boxes to be unpacked.

Despite all that, this place feels great! It is fun, comfortable, functional and nice. I am gloating. The kids have been here for a week which was great. On Saturday we were all out in the sun in teeshirts. By Monday, there was snow on the ground.

Tomorrow we farewell Elsie for a week (ten days, actually with our trip to Alan Kirk’s 70th) and embark on a weekend of serious unpacking. Actually, I can hear the rustle of plain newsprint, now. Jane has unpacked her teaspoon collection and is explaining the origin of each piece (most of them seem to have been flogged from airlines – there’s even a Teal one).

There are a few new photos of us here in the album. Ed’s door got stuck and I had to remove the glass so he could get out of his room.

I should take a photo of our lists.

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