Little Fish

Requiem for a Dream crossed with Neighbours?

Not everybody rated Lantana but I did: five stars. I liked Somersault, too but Little Fish pushes at the envelope.

For a while I wanted it to get started and regretted recommending it to Ed. Was this a dull suburban character drama? Who said I wanted to know that much about their sad lives? But somehow, I started caring. Perhaps it was the glimmers of love and life in Tracey and Janelle, Lionel, even, or perhaps it was the depths of the performances, especially by Blachett and Weaving that revealed the presence of humanity, amid the ruin. And then the plot started to pick up some pace and I was taken. And somewhere along the way, I ended up caring about most of the characters.

Or maybe it was just Cate Blanchett as Tracy reminding me of Jane. She is a little longer-limbed than Jane was but her ordinariness in the role had her with the regular messy fumblings. Swimming. The lovemaking scene in the shower … it’s not a movie review. I am just missing Jane.

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