Small Epiphanies

Look Both Ways


Year: 2006

Writer: Sarah Watt

Director: Sarah Watt

Rating: 5 out of 5

Those stars that I put on these reviews? You know that they don’t mean “it’s good”, don’t you? What they mean is I like it.

The Aussies have done it again. Strangely, only I added Little Fish to the list with Lantana. But “Look Both Ways” is on it too now. Maybe it’s my growing liking for Australians, skin moistened with perspiration and humidity and ground constantly crawling with ants. Maybe it’s the attractiveness of the “new love” story. Maybe it is the “death” theme. I don’t think so. The Aussies are aceing us at movies.

Look Both Ways is about life, love and loss. Simple pulsings: further apart, closer together. Ordinary people, each with their own reasons to be cautious, careless, searching or unthinking. Lives intertwine and small shifts happen. All a boy needs to be happy, and sad.

Animation is used terrifyingly and hilariously. Images from TV, the press, the Web, coloured pencil sketches, watercolours and street, park or pool-scapes interweave the inner and outer worlds of the participants.

What do you call those scenes which cut from one character or small group to next, showing a series of simultaneous moments of melancholy or sweetness? Look Both Ways does this about every five minutes. And you know what? I don’t mind. Yes, I do compare it with Magnolia.

I must read “the Dubliners” again.

Btw, I’ll post something other than a movie review soon, honest.

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