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Awesome Barbecued Sausages in Beer

As you know, there is only one way to cook sausages: in beer. The variation occurs in what or where you cook the sausages with beer in, and what you cook with them. This is a recipe for sausages cooked with onoins and garlic in beer, on a barbecue plate. The plate in question is my wannabe teppenkayi bbq plate.

Cut your onions and garlic chink. Then get your plate clean and hot and stick your sausages, onions and garlic on it. You can use a small amount of oil. Give ’em a bit of a zizz, then add beer and stick a lid on.

zizz in a lid

You can lift the lid after a while. You know what they’re gonna look like.


Give ’em a jiggle and a push into the middle. Lid back on.

More beer.

more beer

Wait a while. Heat a bowl. Stick in bowl.