City of God

If you really want to… skinny children with guns in their shorts waistbands or being emptied into each other or themselves over scraps in destitute favelas. The shock of appalling violence slashing across ordinary lives.

Email Free Days

Datamail has declared an
“Email Free Day”
in an attempt to reduce information overload?

To me, that is like declaring a “Traffic Free Day” to reduce congestion on the roads. That would certainly eliminate gridlock but at what cost? Don’t people actually use cars to get to places where they can relate with each other to achieve something useful? Aren’t car-pooling and public transport better solutions to this problem?

Information overload is not inherent in email itself but in the way it has been implemented as an individual communication medium. It is great for one-to-one, great for one-to-many but very poor for many-to-many communication. As it is usually implemented, email overloads people with content and isolates from each other and the ideas they use in their work.

What is required is for email to be implemented as a group communication medium.

Elsie is Eleven

Jane draped the place in pink and white streamers and cooked lovely indian for friday nite

i like being a foursome to share celebration and jane has talents that i lack for creating occasion

after hockey, we shopped Elsie up an outfit and spent the same on pants for Ed

then we had Stephanie, Emma and Anja for a slap up dinner and sleepover

Ed had an extended visit from Jenny (Jennifer to her Mum)

after a slap up breakfast and a brief but restful spell of housiness, we had Eichlers inc and Leah and Todd for a slap up afternoon tea

Todd got cakewalk going – Nick and Ed looped versions of the riff from “seven nation army”

waiting for guffman

liked Best in Show but don’t know if i’ll keep going with Christopher Guest

folks panned mighty wind (tho i enjoyed the rendition of ‘start me up’ from it)

perhaps i was tired of mockumentary (fictional or otherwise) after the likeable Spellbound but i didn’t find the unkind caricatures of ordinary people very amusing

Guest’s own tantrumesque gay sterotype was the worst

think i’m hungering to watch the real thing in ‘waiting for columbine’ again – or even better, Farenheit Nine-Eleven