New Home to Be

Tonight the album features our new home to be (not with our furniture, right?) at 466A Durham St North. One block from Bealey Ave, 20 minutes walk to the Square, ten to the nearest cluster of cafes. Features from “critical” include quiet street, cat ok, dishwasher, bath, good sun, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, character (well I think so), warm (enough) and two living areas (just). From “desirable”, it has garden, indoor/outdoor flow, garage (double) and two storey. We’ll go for heat pump and swimming pool (for Elsie) next time.

Minisnap, Pine

A little while ago, at Kaye and Paul’s 20th anniversary, we were treated to private performances by Minisnap and Pine.

Kaye’s voice is the centrepiece of Minisnap, with an experienced south island sound in support. I enjoyed Pine’s restrained lightness and earnest whimsy. I like
Hannah and Aaron Beehre’s paintings
, too.

Sarah Spears was visiting. Between them, the Spears Girls knew more people at the party than I did.

Being Where?

So the Israelis busted applying for NZ passwords online with foreign-sounding accents (we’re so ‘e’) were doing it to get Al Quaeda. Well, that makes it alright, then? Er, no.

Who says ‘Al’ even exists? If GW is, as CTHEORY suggests, a simulacrum (akin to Chauncey Gardiner in Being There), then maybe Osama is a Kaiser Soze-style construction, convenient to drape our fears and prejudices on?

the Sixth Sense

Scene One: You Watch the Movie for the First Time
Initially, you are glad that nobody has spoiled this movie, tho you know there’s a twist.

The Movie plays like a nice relationship drama. People, close but isolated find connection with each other. It’s a ghost movie, and the connections people find with them facilitate their learning relationship development.

Scene Two: You Discover the Twist
Ouch, you think. How could I have missed those obvious clues when I knew there was a revelation coming? How clever this movie is to pull off this trick each time.

Scene Three: You Go Over the Movie Again
Maybe you’re not so stupid after all. How many people could live together for a year or so without realising something like that?