New Home to Be

Tonight the album features our new home to be (not with our furniture, right?) at 466A Durham St North. One block from Bealey Ave, 20 minutes walk to the Square, ten to the nearest cluster of cafes. Features from “critical” include quiet street, cat ok, dishwasher, bath, good sun, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, character (well I think so), warm (enough) and two living areas (just). From “desirable”, it has garden, indoor/outdoor flow, garage (double) and two storey. We’ll go for heat pump and swimming pool (for Elsie) next time.

3 replies on “New Home to Be”

We’re almost neighbours!! What a surprise!
Have you bought or are you renting?
It looks in some ways like our old Konini Street
Two stories, wood, character?

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