Visibly Bursting

As spring bursts around us, my dear friend Walter appears to have found his voice, and it is in Thousand Sketches. It’s a project to put a thousand sketches on the Web in one year. I love the sketches that are there already, and I love the blog where Walter is making his process as visible as the sketches, and where sketches of that process are born, too.

This project is of the Internet. Most of the works are sketched on a tablet PC using simple software. Many are of everyday things, flowers, people and animals. But they are also sketches of sketching, of sketching a thousand sketches. Every click that lands on a sketch will appear in a sketch somewhere. Every comment about the sketches, either on Walter’s blog or somewhere else on the Web will end up in a sketch. Every purchase of a “sponsored link” will change the project. The Internet is creating this project, as it affects and emerges from Walter.

Walter, I love seeing you burst like this into something so simple and beautiful that is flowing so freely. It seems right.

Minisnap, Pine

A little while ago, at Kaye and Paul’s 20th anniversary, we were treated to private performances by Minisnap and Pine.

Kaye’s voice is the centrepiece of Minisnap, with an experienced south island sound in support. I enjoyed Pine’s restrained lightness and earnest whimsy. I like
Hannah and Aaron Beehre’s paintings
, too.

Sarah Spears was visiting. Between them, the Spears Girls knew more people at the party than I did.