A Farewell

A poem by ARD (Rex) Fairburn shared with me by Walter:


What is there left to be said?
There is nothing we can say,
nothing at all to be done
to undo the time of day;
no words to make the sun
roll east, or raise the dead.

I loved you as I love life:
the hand I stretched out to you
returning like Noah’s dove
brought a new earth to view,
till I was quick with love;
but Time sharpens his knife,

Time smiles and whets his knife,
and something has got to come out
quickly, and be buried deep,
not spoken or thought about
or remembered even in sleep.
You must live, get on with your life.

1 thought on “A Farewell”

  1. Can somebody help me work out what he means in the third stanza? Is he talking about the impulse to avoid feeling the grief or genuinely advocating it? Who is “you”? Where are you, when I need you, Jane?

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